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Merry & Bright

As I write this, we can travel again, borders are opening up( and closing down) , venues increasing capacity and people are speaking of ‘freedom’. But it is only another step on the long and ever-changing path of attaining a new normal. So, after being home for months except for trips to Ballarat for essentials, …

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Life can be simple, so why do we insist on making it complicated?

It’s a fact of modern life that our economy is dependent on either actual or potential income, work hours, and spending levels.  The pandemic we are living through has certainly brought that home.  Many of us have lost jobs or are now underemployed and have had to re-assess and re-prioritise our spending decisions.  There’s no …

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” I’m not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” – Winnie the Pooh

There are so many people, so many ‘experts’ saying so much at the moment that at times the ‘noise’ they make seems worse than COVID -19 pandemic itself! If there is one thing that I know, is that the noise comes from the TV ‘news ‘and social media. Yes, it is important to stay informed, …

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Whither Shall I Wander

This particular question popped into my head last night and has refused to leave until I have given it some attention; mulled it over for a bit. Whither shall I wander? Where will I go? Is it my subconscious trying to tell me I need a holiday? I don’t think so. Living this life we’ve …

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Country Town Living

The other day I met a man, who with his partner had recently moved into our district. They had both grown up in Melbourne and had lived most of their married life living in inner Melbourne, in an apartment.Firstly, they were just going to stay on weekends and mini breaks, but very quickly became enamored …

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Wealthy = Happy ?

Someone asked me recently, “Why do you live the way you do?” It is a lifestyle choice. It is what we feel is important; being our own bosses, being free to juggle our days our way, not to be controlled by 9 to 5, with 4 weeks holidays at the boss’s convenience. It is about …

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Hello Cold Days

Winter comes but just one season a year and I try to embrace the chilly weather and what it brings to us. The spirit of winter is rest, relax, reboot and rejuvenate for the coming busy seasons. There’s nothing you can do about the weather. Are in touch with winter season? Do you actually take …

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Life on the Urban Farm

The following is an article that was published in Grass Roots Magazine, which was written by Kerrie Kruger of Our Life Our Way 2012   Workshops and school visits fit around farm and business activities. Last year I wrote about our life on our farm and the chicken feeder that we make and sell. GR readers are a …

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