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Just to recap :

  • Slanted top so chooks can’t sit on their ‘lunch box’ and soil it.

  • Feed remains free of chicken poop.

  • Difficult for pests to feed alongside your feeding chickens.

  • Less maintenance but should be kept clean, as with any feeder.

  • Learning period very short due to the small amount of movement when operating.

  • The operation of the feeder cannot harm your chickens.

  • People friendly–easy to set up, clean & maintain.

  • The wire treadle designed to stay clean – does not collect the mess chook’s leave behind.

  • The small the chicken feeder is recommended for Bantams or for a small flock.

  • Not suitable for chicks as they do not weigh enough to move the treadle and are not tall enough to reach the feed tray.

  • Suitable for mixed grain or pellets.

  • All workmanship guaranteed. (for normal use by chickens)


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