The Australian Made Chicken Feeder.

Chicken keeping  is a step towards sustainable simple living.

But, if you are………

  • Sharing your chicken feed with the local mouse, rat & sparrow population?
  • Needing to race home (before chook curfew) just to feed them?
  • Not able to go away for a break without having to ask friends or neighbours to feed your feathered flock?
Well here’s the answer that allows you to enjoy backyard eggs while fitting chicken keeping into the busiest lifestyle.

Why The Chicken Feeder?

People friendly–easy to set up, clean & maintain.

The operation of the feeder cannot harm your chickens.

A hopper style feeder.

The Feeder is
water proof.

No Assembly Required

Easy training mode system.

Available in
10 & 20 kg models.

What is a Treadle Chicken Feeder?                                                     

Our treadle operated feeder is essentially a feeding tray with a hopper and a platform mechanism that the chicken stands on, which lifts the lid of the feed tray open, so that the chickens can access feed when they require it.

This style of feeder ensures chicken feed is safe from birds and rodents that are attracted to the pellets, once chickens are asleep or out free ranging.                                                                                                                          

When choosing your feeder ensure that it well made, no sharp edges and the operating mechanism is robust , safe and it is easy to use for the chickens and yourself.


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We advertise in Earth Garden Magazine, but their online shop is no longer available.



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