About Us

So Who Are We?

We aim to provide ethically and sustainably produced products which will stand the test of time, both in design and quality and, where possible, compost and return to the earth when they are no longer useful.

We also pay attention to packaging and wrap all orders as consciously as possible.

Our aim is to find the most ethical, high-quality and affordable options for each of the products we feature.

We review the quality and ethics of our products regularly so we can be sure our range is one we’d be happy with in our own homes.

We, Kerrie, Pete and son Nick, have owned our sheet metal business Krugers Sheetmetal Pty Ltd since 1996, which we now run from home. Krugers Sheetmetal is the manufacture of the pest-proof The Chicken Feeder and lately home to The Old Wool Shed Tinsmith. 

We run our businesses from the old woolshed, which included tin-smithing, welding, and chicken wrangling workshops.

We live with an amazing assemblage of chickens, some sheep and a goat and grow lot of our own food, learning new (timeless) handcrafts and finding new ways to use stuff that people discard.                                                                                                    

Our pride and joy is the salvaged wood cooker, brought back to life by Peter and now ‘Mabel’ has pride of place in the kitchen, warming and nourishing body and soul.                                       

Although small business owners we are also advocates of simple living, or are we small business owners so we can live simply?

Either way , in 2015 we set up Our Life Our Way as a space to share the joys, beauty and challenges we experience living on the outskirts of a small rural community where we share our combined skills and knowledge about the art of simple living.

Living our life our way is as much about what we tune out from as it is about what we tune into, as we seek the things that nourish us.                

We have set up an online shop -The Simple Living Store- were we will source beautiful handmade items we think will benefit your simple living journey, We will sell our products such as The Chicken Feeder, and heirloom tin smithed products such as buckets, wash tubs, garden cloches to name a few, and also we will be selling beautiful products from other small artisan manufactures.

We aim to run workshops to give you the skills you’ll need to simplify your life. Sometimes we will present those workshops ourselves and sometimes we’ll bring in presenters we would love to listen to and share them with you all.

We hope you will join us on our journey as we chatter about simple living, including things that go wrong! We will give it to you boots and all.

So Welcome!  


You are pretty darn awesome for supporting
a small business and we Thank You.