The Chicken Feeder

Australian Made  | Australian Owned 

For Aussie Backyard Chooks.        

How many chickens can it feed?

An adult chicken will eat 125- 145 grams of feed per day (less if scraps are offered or free ranging).
So for 10 chicken allow about 1.5 kg per day of feed

How much feed does it hold?

Small unit has 10 kilo  feed capacity.                                                                                Large Unit has  20 kilo feed capacity ie. whole bag of pellets

How does it save feed?

Until a chicken steps onto the treadle of the chicken feeder the feed remains covered and safe from pests in the feed tray.

Will it harm my chickens in any way?

The operation of the feeder cannot harm your chooks due to the small amount of movement when operating.

How do the chickens figure it out?

You need to allow the tray to remain open whilst the chooks become familiar with the treadle. This takes anywhere from 5 – 10 days. You teach one and others will follow.Once the chooks are feeding easily from it, just take it out of ‘training mode

Where do I position the chicken feeder?

The chicken feeder needs to be placed on a flat surface for example a paver, concrete or bricks to keep it sitting flat. Otherwise the hopper feed flow will be compromised.
Remember to keep area underneath the chicken feeder  treadle clear, to ensure the feed tray lid opens and closes fully.

Where is the chicken feeder manufactured?

The chicken feeder is manufactured by            Krugers Sheetmetal Pty Ltd  Meredith, Victoria, Australia 


What makes this Feeder so good?

Strong galvanised steel construction.                No sharp edges.                                              Heavy duty nylon bushed pivoting mechanism.         

Trialed on our own flock, with modifications made as noted.                                                      Water proof.       

Won't the rats open the feeder?

In over 20 years of using the feeder , we have never seen a rat open the feed tray.                  The feeder is weighted for chickens over 500g and a big rat weigh in at about 300g .    So unless you have mega rats it should not be an issue, and in fact they will depart once feed is not easily come by. 

Do I need to do anything once I get my Feeder?

The Feeder comes ready to use. You just push the treadle step into place and put it into training mode and install in your chicken yard or house.  


How does the feeder work?


Training is simple, just insert supplied training plate and leave in for 7 to 10 days.
This plate will hold feed tray lid open with some movement .
The chickens soon learn where the feed is and how to access it. Once see a few eating from feeder, take out of training mode. PS: We recommend taking out of training mode at night , no point encouraging those rodents!


The chicken feeder comes fully assembled for your convenience. You just need to push the treadle plate from upright position for for ease of transport , to the horizontal for use by chickens. This is easily achieved by simply placing hand on feeder tray lid and pushing down fully. You then need to put feeder into training so that chickens can be trained to use the feeder.



We dispatch our orders on a Tuesday or Wednesday using Sendle Courier Service. Orders are delivered to your home or workplace during business hours. No. Sorry we cannot make a specific time for delivery. Once order with courier service it is outside our control, however you will receive an confirmation email with tracking details. We will always make every attempt to assist with any courier/freight inquiries.


Pick Up

We are very happy for you to collect your order from us. Please contact us to ensure we are around and that we have available stock . You can order on line and select pickup or pay cash or card at time of collection. You may even get to watch a feeder being made.


Specification : Small Unit | Large Unit

Weight7kg empty9kg empty
Feed Capacity10kg max.20kg max.

AWOL  chooks leads to outside the box thinking!

Here Pete is explaining what weight is required to open the treadle which give easy access to the feed tray.

Suitable for small bantams through to larger breeds, also suitable for ducks.

For Geese and Turkeys chat with us about extending the treadle step.