Hello and Welcome to Simple Living.

Our Life Our Way is all about simple, sustainable living.

It is the  inspiration of two Mums who live in Victoria, one on the outskirts of a small country town  and the other in the suburbs.  We deliver talks & workshops to help others learn more about living simply.

We also have a little on-line shop where you’ll find Australian made, quality garden and home-wares products. 

Products, built to last, from small family owned businesses.

Our emphasis is on quality products that are made with care, that are beautifully designed and made right here in Australia.

Todays Thought:

Simple Living @ Our Life Our Way is an Australian business based in Victoria.

We specialise in Australian made products and simple living skills workshops.

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Truly enjoyed the workshop around the teapot. Thank you!
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Thank you for the wonderful Natural Body Care workshop today. It was awesome, and I learned so much. 🥀🌾
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We love our chicken feeder, saves us so much food, love the ease of feeding and then knowing they have food if for some reason we can't feed. Also makes it easier to get away for quick holidays, knowing your chickens are being cared for

Workshop Programs we offer:

We can run these workshops for groups, community houses, corporate and school incursions.                                                    Other Workshops we offer:         Bees Wax Wraps | Lampshades | Herbal First Aide Kit | Weed Foraging | Pasta Making | Beginners Knitting | Continental Knitting | Herbal Chicken Care | Rag Rugs | Darning & Mending | Introduction to Tinsmithing | Advance Body Care Products                                       

 Please contact ourlifeourwy19@gmail.com or for a chat 0409 027 359 about content,dates and pricing.                                                                   We can customise workshops to suit your needs.


Past Workshops

  • Rag Rug Quilt
  • Around the Teapot
  • Natural Body Care
  • Let Them Eat Bread
In this hands-on workshop you will be making your own small quilt 80cm x 60cm to learn the techniques, hints and tips of rag quilting and then be able to go home and share your new-learned skills with your family, friends and community.
The ragging technique involves the layering of 3 fabrics all of which are seen in the finished project. The middle layer can be thin cotton wadding but recycled old flannelette sheets make a great alternative.
It’s an ideal project to use any fabric remnants that you may have or recycle any clothes to make into a memory rag quilt
During this hands we will discuss herbal teas, their properties and how to prepare them properly and how to choose the perfect herbal remedy for you. You will taste a variety of teas, and learn how to make an herbal blend that fits your needs.
What we will cover in this workshop:
•Brief overview of tea and tea blending
•Learn how to grow and dry our own herbs
•Learn the health benefits of tea, herbs and spices
•Understand flavours and combinations that work well in tea
•How to formulate your own tea blends
 You will leave with skills and knowledge to incorporate into your Simple Living life journey that you will be able to share with others.

In this part hands-on, part demonstration workshop you will learn how to make beautiful, versatile and economical body products, with natural ingredients for yourself, family and friends.
There will be plenty of samples and notes to take home.
A diverse workshop to encourage conscious consumer choices and self-reliance. We will teach you this timeless skill that is at the heart of Simple Living.
What you will learn:
How easy and economical it is to make products with natural ingredients including, but not limited to : skin moisturiser, body scrub , shampoo and haircare, pest repellant, lip balm and toothpaste
The workshop fee includes all raw ingredients, small jars for your take-home samples, plus recipes and notes.

Few things beat the satisfaction that comes with the smell of fresh, home-baked bread, whether it’s a yeasted loaf or a simple flatbread to go with dips or a curry.
Join Megan and Kerrie in this 4 hour, hands-on workshop where we will teach you this timeless skill that is at the heart of Simple Living.
You’ll be making your own loaf of bread, and learning about the natural processes that happen in bread making so you’ll be confident to make your own at home.  We will also show you how to make a couple of different, non-yeasted flatbreads that are really versatile.   

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