Around The Herbal Teapot

During this hands-on workshop with Emily, from Happy Herb Shop Geelong , we will discuss herbal teas, their properties and how to prepare them properly and how to choose the perfect herbal remedy for you. You will taste a variety of teas, and learn how to make an herbal blend that fits your needs. What …

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Some Herbs for Chicken Health 

Basil- Used for mucus membrane health and has antibacterial properties Catnip- Repels insects and used as a sedative/relaxant Dill- Respiratory health, antioxidant properties, sedative/relaxant Fennel- Enhances reproductive health (egg laying) Garlic- Enhances reproductive health (egg laying) / helps control parasites Lavender- Smells wonderful, lowers stress, circulatory health, , insect repellent Lemon Balm- Smells nice in …

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