Some Herbs for Chicken Health 

Basil- Used for mucus membrane health and has antibacterial properties

Catnip- Repels insects and used as a sedative/relaxant

Dill- Respiratory health, antioxidant properties, sedative/relaxant

Fennel- Enhances reproductive health (egg laying)

Garlic- Enhances reproductive health (egg laying) / helps control parasites

Lavender- Smells wonderful, lowers stress, circulatory health, , insect repellent

Lemon Balm- Smells nice in the coop, lowers stress, antibacterial, repels rodents

Marigold- Enhances reproductive health (egg laying)

Mint- Used in nest/coop -(all kinds) – insecticide and rodent repellent

Nasturtium- Enhances reproductive health (egg laying), antiseptic, antibiotic, insecticide, de-wormer

Parsley- Promotes circulatory system development, enhances reproductive health (egg laying), rich in vitamins

Pineapple Sage- Promotes nervous system health, smells wonderful

Rosemary- Pain relief, respiratory health, insect repellent

Sage- Antioxidant, helps control parasites,

Thyme- Promotes respiratory health,  antioxidant, has antibacterial properties,  helps control parasites

Use of herbs is dependent on treatment required- as strewing, on feed or water or tonic

This is just a brief overview of herb uses, please ensure you have sufficient knowledge before using.

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