I am Weary – Are You?

For nearly a year and a half we have lived with an invisible virus, which due to actions and reactions to combat it, is slowly bringing our way of life to a halt.

I thought I was doing okay, handling it and staying cheerful but this last lockdown has made me weary.

I am Weary

of not being able to plan

of being fearful

of worrying about everything

of acting cheerful.

I am Weary

of trying to be positive

of hearing complaints of being stuck at home

of not feeling connected.


I am Weary

of not seeing smiles hidden behind masks

of living in a world where people are scared to share.

I am Weary

of the small business owner’s daily struggle’s

of people complaining

of people being angry.

I am Weary

of living in a society where people are too busy to help

that our freedom has been lost

that the laughter is going

that our sense or purpose is being eroded.

I am Weary

that we are losing our sense of wellbeing of self, family, and community.

that our elderly are scared to leave home

of the isolation.

I am Weary

of crying in the shower

of being scared of the future

of losing my spirit

I am Weary.


I will remember

that I can and I will live in the moment

that this too shall pass

that nothing lasts forever.

I will remember

to have faith that the best is yet to come

to enjoy the little things

to collect the moments.

I will remember

that to draw strength in the belief that my guardian spirits will always be with me

that stars can’t shine without darkness.

I will never stop trying and I hope that in my heart, that I am braver than I believe, stronger than I feel.

And then I will know that hope will return

And I won’t be weary anymore.