Humans, Weeds and the Fairies…

Why do we cringe at that garden with weeds, shake our heads at the shame of allowing them to grow, “oh how untidy” we say as we shake our heads or in our own gardens we mutter “, Oh the weeds are growing, quick spray them, dig them up … get rid of them!”

Does the weed fairy come out at night and dance over the garden, planting seeds to grow in the most obscure spots and magic them to grow so fast? Does she sit and giggle as she watches gardeners spend their time cursing the unwanted arrival of weeds? But does she cringe and gasp as some even go so far as hating them, declaring an all-out war with chemicals like Round Up, or organically ripping and tearing at them with abandon.  

Or is that the spring moisture is usually followed by warm temperatures, which means weeds begin to grow!

Actually, I think weeds are only considered “bad” because of how we, humans interact with them. They grow where they aren’t sown, where we don’t want them. They are often winningly competitive, peskily persistent and willfully disobedient – maybe just like the fairies!

But hang on, while weeds aren’t necessarily always in our garden plans, they can serve a purpose, a few varied purposes. As gardeners, showing respect to nature, maybe we should learn to look at weeds differently.


All plants have their roles, and if we can start to see the good in our weeds, perhaps they’ll be welcomed additions, or at least visitors, to our gardens

No, I don’t allow all “weeds” to grow, many do get dug out for the chooks, because they also benefit from the nutritional and medicinal properties of the humble weed. And yes a few do get sprayed with nontoxic spray especially the noxious weeds who do need to be removed asap!

Contrary to their reputation, beneficial weeds under certain circumstances can be helpful in the garden by holding top-soil, drawing up water and nutrients, providing food, controlling insects and a weed is a plant which, are chock full of vitamins, minerals and surprising healing abilities.

Weeds are also great attractors of beneficial insects, like bees and butterflies. They summon pollinators and predatory insects, which help other plants succeed (and produce), keeps pest numbers down and more insects equate to more birds in the garden

Then there are many that are very beneficial to us, which I encourage to grow for there nutritional or healing properties. 

So, sure, in our gardens, sometimes we must do battle with the weeds and speak sternly to that fairy! We can’t very well have a lot of weeds taking over our tomatoes, beans or peas, but we can recognize that these plants play an important part in natural systems and can play a vital role in our gardens. Indeed, weeds might be a good thing to have growing.

So, ignore the neigbours looks and comments. Grow a beautiful crop of weeds, save money and be self-reliant in healing herbs for your body and your garden.

May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the Moon at this time of the year with the magic of the energies of the Summer Solstice and Spirit of Christmas Season.

Slow Down, Connect and Enjoy Your Life