The Chicken Drinker

These drinkers incorporate a professional valve-operated drinker cup  that only allow a small amount of water in the red cup at any one time. When the chickens drink from the red cup and the water level goes down, the valve automatically replenishes the cup.       

With traditional drinkers, we regularly had to change the water as the chickens had scratched dirt into the drinker.                                              Like us, chickens need a fresh supply of clean water.

As a partner to the chicken feeder, ensure your chooks always have clean fresh water with our great new chook drinker.

Provides your chickens with clean water (approx. 4 litres) that doesn’t evaporate, spill everywhere or soil easily

  • Clean and simple design

  • Easily mounted off the ground

  • 50cm tall

These drinkers overcome the problems of evaporation, spillage and soiled water.

Use rear hooks – these drinkers simply hook onto the mesh of your chook run making cleaning and filling much easier than hanging drinkers.

Are Slimline, compact design – a big advantage is that these drinkers take up very little room.

Are UV resistant – won’t heat up like metal containers or degrade easily like other plastic ones on the market