Some Herbs for Chicken Health 

Basil- Used for mucus membrane health and has antibacterial properties Catnip- Repels insects and used as a sedative/relaxant Dill- Respiratory health, antioxidant properties, sedative/relaxant Fennel- Enhances reproductive health (egg laying) Garlic- Enhances reproductive health (egg laying) / helps control parasites Lavender- Smells wonderful, lowers stress, circulatory health, , insect repellent Lemon Balm- Smells nice in …

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Life on the Urban Farm

The following is an article that was published in Grass Roots Magazine, which was written by Kerrie Kruger of Our Life Our Way 2012   Workshops and school visits fit around farm and business activities. Last year I wrote about our life on our farm and the chicken feeder that we make and sell. GR readers are a …

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