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Wet veggie bag designed to extend the life of produce in the fridge.
To use simply wet & wring the bag, insert veggies & store in fridge.
Fridge then pulls moisture from the bag vs your produce.
Using a wet veggie saver bag can help extend produce life up to 2 weeks.
Not all veggies are suited to wet storage. Bag can also be used for dry storage for items like mushrooms etc.
Color & Fabric
This listing is for 1 Hemp & Organic Cotton Bag. Sewn with 100% cotton thread, at the very end of its life cycle this bag will naturally return to earth.
3 sizes available:
Small $15
Medium $17
Large $22
————– Size ——————–
All items are handmade, sizing quoted is approximated.
Small Veggie Saver Bag 15 x 23 cm 
Cut veggies for snacks
Medium Veggie Saver Bag 29×31 cm 
Cos lettuce, iceberg, broccoli, cauliflower etc.
Large Veggie Saver Bag 33×42 cm 
Swiss chard, Kale, large cos, or multiple items.
All fabrics are washed in an Eco friendly laundry soap.
Weight .100 kg
Dimensions .17 × .11 × .1 cm

small, medium, large