Chicken Feeder


How many chickens can it feed?

An adult hen will eat 125- 145grams of feed per day (less if scraps are offered or free ranging).
So for 10 hens allow about 1.5 kg per day in the chicken feeder.                                                         

How much feed does it hold?

Large: Holds up to 20 kg of feed.
Small: Holds up to 10 kg of feed.

How does it work?

Until a chicken steps onto the plate of the chicken feeder the feed remains covered and safe from pests.

Will it harm my chickens in any way?

The operation of the feeder cannot harm your chooks due to the small amount of movement when operating.

How do the chickens figure it out?

You need to allow the tray to remain open whilst the chooks become familiar with the treadle.

This takes anywhere from 5 – 10 days. You teach one and others will follow.

Once the chooks are feeding easily from it, just take it out of ‘training mode.

Where do I position the chicken feeder?

the chicken feeder needs to be placed on a flat surface​ for example a paver, concrete or bricks to keep it sitting flat.

Weight .90 kg
Dimensions 55 × 47 × 38 cm

Small, Large

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