So who is the team at Our Life Our Way?

Our Life Our Way is a collaboration between Kerrie Kruger and Megan Blair. 

It is a space where we share our combined skills and knowledge about the art of simple living, also calling on the expertise of others who are living this frugally hedonistic lifestyle.  Living our life our way is as much about what we tune out from as it is about what we tune into, as we seek the things that nourish us.

Our Life Our Way was established in 2015 as a visual manifestation of the joys, beauty and challenges Kerrie experienced with her family, living on the outskirts of a small rural community.

 Kerrie, her partner Pete and their son Nick, run a sheet metal business from home, which includes the manufacture of pest-proof chicken feeders. From their old woolshed, they run tin-smithing, welding and chicken wrangling workshops.  They live with an amazing assemblage of chickens, some sheep and a goat and grow lots of their own food. Their pride and joy is the salvaged wood cooker, brought back to life by Peter and now ‘ Mabel’ has pride of place in the kitchen, warming and nourishing body and soul.

A serendipitous meeting with Megan in 2017, led to the realization that they both had very similar values and liked lots of the same things.  Megan lives with her four children on a suburban ¼ acre block, growing fruit trees, vegies, looking after chooks, knitting, sewing and baking (a lot!) and finding new ways to use stuff that people discard. 

As our friendship grew, we noticed more and more common elements in our lives, like insisting on real tea made in a teapot.  We talked about all the things we wanted to learn to do, like candle-making and weed-foraging and about wanting to pass on the knowledge and skills we already had. 

Thus, the decision was made to launch Our Life Our Way as a forum to do all of that. 

We hope you will join us on our journey as we chatter about simple living, including things that go wrong! We will give it to you boots and all. We will source beautiful handmade items we think will benefit your simple living journey and run workshops to give you the skills you’ll need to simplify your life. Sometimes we’ll present those workshops ourselves and sometimes we’ll bring in presenters we would love to listen to and share them with you all.

So Welcome!  Come and join us for a pot of tea.


Come with us on our journey us we ponder our simple lives.......

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